Long Stay, Families and Elderly Cats

Accommodation for older catsWe have extra spacious accommodation for families of cats who like to share and our prices are very affordable. Three cats sharing cost from just £6.50 a day with further discounts available for cats who are with us for long stays. Cats who are with us for longer stays – for example whilst their family is moving home – are given extra care and cuddles.

Elderly Cats

Elderly cats and those with special needs are a speciality of Comfy Cats Cattery. We know how loved these older and possibly less agile cats are. Their accommodation is designed to be easily accessible to create a very relaxing and stree-free stay.

Warm and calm, with everything in easy reach for the less agile cat, it is perfect for older cats who enjoy a quieter life, away from too much stimulation. Somewhere they can enjoy the peace and warmth of home.

Medication Given as Required

Many elderly cats require daily medication. This is given without extra charge, but please ensure that directions for administering are clear and there is sufficient supply for the boarding period. If there be any health problems whilst staying with us we will, of course, seek veterinary attention.

If you have any concerns or questions about whether we can care for your cat, do phone or visit Edwina to discuss your worries. With over 20 years experience caring for guests you can be confident that your cat will be very well looked after, whatever his needs, at Comfy Cats.


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